Electric Picnic 2014 with Portishead, Beck and Slowdive

It’s been a long time since I was excited to see bands at a big festival. Slowdive were the highlight. Awesome.



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Near Ahakista


Stunning weather out on the Sheep’s Head today and lots of people enjoying the entertainments in Ahakista.

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Audioglider mixes

Soundcloud seem to be taking down lots of mixes. So go and grab some of the excellent mixes from Audioglider while you can. Here’s number 16.

They’re all good though!

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Don’t give a shit

How could I resist posting this? (Not sure who the credit belongs to…)


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I’ve been keeping an eye on the blue tit’s nest, in the box outside our back door, for a while.

The chicks were big enough for a photo today.

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