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We get a lot of grey days here in West Cork. Especially in November. I might live in a beautiful place, but taking a photo a day outside is going to be challenging. My home office has big windows which… continue reading »

Solving the Euro crisis

Superb analysis from Richard Douthwaite. Long but well worth a read… His conclusion? The austerity measures currently being implemented across Europe are dangerous and unnecessary. An injection of ‘debt-free’ Euros would be very helpful and quite easy to do.

Why aren’t the IMF telling the US what to do?

The IMF have prescribed Ireland the same kind of medicine that they’ve been prescribing to poor countries for years. This is because every person in Ireland owes about €20,000. (Ireland owes about €100 billion with a population of about 4.5… continue reading »

It can be done…

Thanks to Richard Heinberg for pointing me at Lester Brown’s ‘Earh Policy Institute’ site. Some great articles there. Especially this one about how America changed it’s entire manufacturing industry in a matter of months when it chose to join the… continue reading »

a spectacular year of climate science

Thanks to Rob for his link to this post: A stunning year in climate science reveals that human civilization is on the precipice. Certainly puts ‘climategate’ in its place. Well worth a read although I’m not sure quite what response… continue reading »

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